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Sorry, it was not a poolish , I thought it was, but the bread was lovely.

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Postal Grunt

I don't want to appear to be rude but what you've posted wasn't a poolish. I presume that you used a recipe developed by someone else and must be happy with the results. If it tastes good, it is good so you've done well in that aspect.

However, a traditional poolish uses equal weights of flour and water along with a small amount of yeast. I'm not an expert by any stretch but in all my reading and internet searches, the poolish is 100% hydration and what you've used is about 69% hydration, a little bit high for a biga but still a preferment. Traditional formulas for poolish usually don't include sugar.

I do want to encourage you to take advantage of the archived threads here on TFL to learn more about poolish and other preferments. Just use the search function and expect to spend a while soaking up the wealth of information that is shared.