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More Bakery Fakery: SD Spin-ache Rollz

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More Bakery Fakery: SD Spin-ache Rollz

Again with the Briouche, Nyetzels and Qaiseroles. 

This time made with spinach in a SD rye levain fortified with fermented pineapple juice.

Somehow I doubt these are really gonna sell.

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Mini Oven

not so easy is it?  But they stayed together!  That's should be good for points!  

They look a little green around the gills.  How did they taste?   Lately, DH and I have been making spinach pizza with cooked shrimp and extra cheese.  Any of these lovely rollz with grill cheese and shrimp would be nice.  You could broil em open and stick em together.  :)

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I didn't use the fold technique, Mini; tied the little Quaisers in knots again, then stuffed 'em into the same kind of tart mold as I used for the Briouche à têtes. Yes it's cheating but that's the point! Hard to tell from the pic maybe but these were all fairly tiny, less than a couple ounces each. Real difficulty is having so little work space In my cramped NYC apartment — couldn't roll the ropes to the necessary lengths, had to stretch 'em out bit by bit. Fortunately the green dough was extremely extensible.

Yeah, figure these will be good to toast with cheese. The spinach flavor is quite noticeable, even over the sour. Have no idea what my tenants will do will the rollz, just hoping I don't get pelted.

cerevisiae's picture

How did you process the spinach? Did you cook it first at all? Just chop it up and throw it in? Puree it?

Just curious, since I can't tell by looking. Also, about how much did you use?

If you get access to a juicer at some point, you can get an amazing green color into a dough that way. I've made kale dough a few times and the color is almost shocking.

andychrist's picture

Just threw 9oz in a blender with enough pineapple ferment to liquify, about one cup. Next time will try the smaller blender attachment that came with my Braun, it's more like a food processor so might not demand any extra liquid, for an undiluted end product. Don't think there would be anything to gain juicing or precooking flat leaf spinach, as it isn't very fibrous and blends smooth enough as is to incorporate into a levain. Keeps best color too when used raw. Kale is another story entirely, can see where you'd have to process it thoroughly before attempting a dough, that stuff is chew-wee!

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favorite bagel too so I would definitely buy these rolls.  Well done and Happy Baking

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Those poor fellas look like they need some help! But, I bet they taste delicious! I'd buy 'em just for curiosity.

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I love spinache, I think they look lovely , so the green might frightend some people lol.

Not me, I love spinach with some Garlic and cheese. * drooling here *