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We 3 gmas made grilled-cheese croutons and tomato soup

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We 3 gmas made grilled-cheese croutons and tomato soup

Our sisterly bake this week was grilled-cheese croutons... with Ina Garten's Easy Tomato Soup... The lead in is Barbra's husband's lunch. Looks great. Here is her soup in the pot...

and in a bowl 

Helen's soup is looking great too... We all liked the soup and the croutons...


Very nice looking soup, the croutons look just like the picture of the cookbook in the background... awesome!

My soup turned out well too, in fact, tonight we had leftover soup with homemade Spinach and Cheese ravioli.   

                                                         Looks like the picture ^

Again, a great sisterly bake chosen by Helen. Next week we are baking gingerbread in honor of our mother. Mama loved gingerbread with warm lemon sauce on top of it... Barbra's choice. Can't wait til Wednesday when Cyber Space will be lit up with our texts, pictures, emails, and chats... all in honor of Mama.

Great bake my sisters, looking forward to Wednesday!

Happy Baking, Barbra, Diane, and Helen,,, (in my profile picture... it is l/r Helen, Diane, Barbra)

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just seem to go together. The fun of being in the kitchen at least vicarously, with my sisters made up for the gloomy weather. A combination of basic ingredients with saffron was a new experience. Thank you to Helen for sharing the precious spice.


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here last week it is too hot for soup and stews unless you want to cook them the serving bowls outside in the sun:-)  The cheese croutons looks divine floating on top fo the saffron tomato soup.  We have these great heirloom tomatoes getting ripe and the cherry tomato plant has been producing  25 tomatoes a day for at least 100 days now.  Maybe, after Cinco de Mayo, we will give this a go if the temperature stays below 100 after today.. 

Well done all the way around GMA's  That gingerbread with the lemon sauce also sounds interesting and a great way to remember your mother.

Happy baking

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If you need "soup weather" just drive north.  It was snowing here this morning.  Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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70 degrees and sunny in New York today!  I'll still take some of that delicious soup (love tomato soup) and some grilled cheese no matter how hot it is.

Thanks for sharing another weekly bake/cooking.