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Short Time Lurker, Long Time Dreamer

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The Skillet

Short Time Lurker, Long Time Dreamer

Hello everyone, I figured its time to come out of the bread box :-)


I found this site a couple of months ago when I finally started to bake bread. I am a long time baker and cook. I love a challenge and when I start a new subject I try and immerse myself in it whole heartedly. I bought BBA prob back in 2002, Nancy Silvertons Bread book, CIA Baking, and had various other bread recipes in books. Made bagels a few times, some rolls and loaves and have been doing my own pizza for 15 years, but I knew if I was going to get into bread I had to give it the time it deserves. Well here I am, starting to become immersed in bread. I started a couple of sourdough cultures and got Ed Woods book and baked some very nice loaves. Last weekend I made the best bagels I have ever done. Like everything I do, it goes from hobby to obsession to ......   I think I am in the right place   ;-)

What I am amazed by more is the level of community and skills at TFL !! You are all amazing !! The help I have gotten without ever posting is a tale of how much the people in the community care about helping and sharing the right information. Thank you for sucking me in. :-) 

The Skillet



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Jane Dough

Great intro.  I can certainly relate to everything you said.  My story is pretty much like yours and probably many many others here.  I have had more fun and more success with my bread baking since I started reading the posts here on The Fresh Loaf.

Anyway welcome and happy baking!

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Welcome, Skillet, it's nice to have you as part of the community.  You certainly sound as if you'll fit right in :-)