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some Tartine baking

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some Tartine baking

Hi! I've been jumping around Tartine book 3, with the idea of being disciplined and baking the same kind of loaf over and over to help my technique. I think I like the improvements that are happening for sure, and I'm pretty proud of some of these loaves lately. 

The one on the left is Barley Porridge with flaxseed and the one on the right is Oatmeal Porridge with almonds. The pre-porridge dough on both is the same, so I was interested to see how different the hydration felt between them (maybe it was user error on the weighing).

Crumb still seems a little dense on these, despite good overall volume. I've been proofing in the fridge, and I think they've been getting to "well-proofed" rather than "slightly underproofed" like might be ideal, which may have led to the crumb issue.

Still delicious and I'm very happy with the appearance and flavor. Enjoy!


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David Esq.

Sounds like a great book. 

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I see your creations and realise I've got a long way to go. You've made me hungry now.

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The proof isn't that far off with the bloom you are getting.  Maybe make the bread a couple of hours later so you get 2 hours less proofing in the fridge?  When it over proofs in the fridge while we sleep should be against the rules:-)  Well done and

Happy Baking

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toddvp:  Looks fantastic.  I like the oats on top as well. Your scoring looks perfect.  Any tips to share?  Wonderful bread.  Best,  Phyllis

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Appreciate the affirming responses.


Phyllis -- not sure if I have useful tips, but the main thing that has pushed the most recent loaves to a much better place is oven temperature. I was working with the assumption that hotter=better, since most recipes say preheat to 500 and lower to 460 or so. I assumed this was just so the oven elements aren't on as much once you start  your loaves, but after watching another baker I realized that 460 is closer to the ideal baking temp and the 500 is just to account for temperature loss. Since I have a good oven and a big baking stone, it's easy to keep the oven hot enough, so I've been heating to 475 and baking at 460ish, and it gives much more time and space for oven spring/bloom.

Not sure about the crumb -- it may have to do with these being porridge-filled breads, so they make it a little denser and more custardlike rather than glutenous and irregular. Other loaves with less added in have had better success.

dabrownman, I tried putting loaves straight into the fridge and that seemed to work just as well or better -- I had been leaving them at room temperature for 15-30 minutes first to give a head start since they're naturally leavened, but I think it's unnecessary. I might keep playing with fridge temps as well.

Another key with the Tartine loaves is a full bulk rise -- I had been following times not visuals, and ever since I've really watched to make sure I get a full 30%-ish increase in volume, it's helped a ton.

Thanks again, folks!