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Sourdough Rye

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Sourdough Rye

KA sourdough with 20% rye flour, cold ferment, dutch oven baking. 

Still practicing with the brotform I got for my birthday and slashing. I may haven forgotten my timer for the final browning.


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Mini Oven

and Happy Belated Birthday!  

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It is browned well enough for me! Nice work, this is beautiful.


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Thanks man. I had set a timer because I was trying to do two hobbies at once (baking and taking care of my macaws!) and I was slightly horrified when I realized what had happened because the loaf was already 3 days in the making. Luckily I think it only went about 5-10 min longer than planned. Nice crusty bottom though. :-)

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toone tasty loaf.  Ditch the timer and watch the bread instead.  An instant read thermometer is great to test to make sure that the inside temp is 2o5 F though. Well done and happy baking

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Song Of The Baker

Excellent crust!  What about crumb photo?