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We 3 gmas made HOT CROSS BUNS!

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We 3 gmas made HOT CROSS BUNS!

Happy Easter! We made hot cross buns for Good Friday and really enjoyed them this year. The lead in picture is Barb's all set up a little coffee break.  

Helen's hot cross buns look great in her picture below.

 Those look yummy... I haven't figured out how bakeries get the glaze to not melt EVER... 

 My HC buns rose much better this year. The recipe I used had 2 t. of yeast AND 1 tablespoon of baking powder... so I guess that was the difference.

 My glaze was a little wet and I made a little too much... so I went crazy and really glazed a few...

 They sure were good this way!!!

 So settling back with a cup of coffee and our feet up - we took a break and then got back to baking breads, Alaskan Sourdough, Sourdough dinner rolls, Pretzel rolls and cookies... I was really a week long sister bake with pictures and texts and recipes flying back and forth at cyber speeds . We had a great week and great fun together, as always!

Happy Baking and Happy Spring!

Barbra, Diane, and Helen

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and these look tasty  I gave up on piping the crosses on top for the same reason.  You have to let them completely cool before doing any piping or just cover the whole top with lemon glaze like you did - yummy more than twice over!  These had to be perfect for Barb's coffee break.  Makes me want to breakout the beautiful Lenox Autumn (the one tea cup and saucer we have) for some tea later:-)  All the buns look hot from here  Hope everyone had a

Happy Easter

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I think you should call yours Hot Snuggle Buns because they are covered in a blanket of deliciousness.

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Great work, my fellow Grandmas!  On Good Friday, I made a double batch of Hot Cross Buns using Floyd's very nice recipe.  I put on the frosting crosses while they were warm, then scurried off to my neighbors' houses with a plate of still warm buns for each.  I felt just like the "Easter Bun-ny"!  : )

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I like the Easter Bun-ny reference , I bet your friends loved the buns... Snuggle buns sounds like a lovely name for just about anything... LOL

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Lovely hot cross buns, and nice photos to show them off (and pretty onion pattern china).

Happy Spring to you three, too!


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for those kind words. Floyd's recipe makes the best Hot Cross Buns. It was a fun time for all of us. Tomorrow we take on Naan. New one for me