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first time trying the Tartine bread

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first time trying the Tartine bread

Haven't started yet! But I need to get some help before I tackle this (I'm a  newbie and still very confused).

My question pertains to the timing. I have the time to start the levain the day before and also go through all the steps the next day--save the baking part. Let's say I'd like to mix the dough at 9am. I read the levain can take up to 18 hours to pass the float test. So I would start it ca 18 hours before 9am. But then all the other steps can take up to a total of 9 hours. So that gets me to 5 or 6pm. Can I then stick the whole thing in the fridge and bake the next morning at say 9am? Or is that too long?

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David Esq.

Mix levain on day 1

mix dough on day 2, shape and put in fridge. 

Bake day 3. 

You can even mix leaven a day earlier and stick in fridge overnight when ready, that way the dough can be mixed first thing in the am since you will know levain is ready.