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Feedback on starter appreciated.

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Feedback on starter appreciated.

Hello!  I'm a newbie trying to raise my first starter.  I'm on about day 7 and the starter has never been really vigorous, it will double in size but nothing more.

I started it with straight rye and pineapple juice (Dole) for three days adding equal amounts of each to build the base.

Day 4 I switched to KA bread flour at 2:1:1.  I've followed that recipe up until this point.  It has been on my counter with temps ranging from 65 degrees to 74 degrees.

It has the alcohol smell, but not too many fruity notes detectable.

I would love to hear your thoughts on whether this is a viable sourdough starter or not.

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Mini Oven

Keep in mind that you should feed it as the room gets warmer and wait (or skip feeding) when it dips under 70°F.  For the next warm spell, try feeding  1:2:2 (by weight) and see what it does.  Move it to a taller more narrow container to watch it rise and fall.

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Here in New Hampshire it's been a cold winter; very cold.  We usually keep the house at 68F during the day (when someone is home), cooler at night. 

Skipping feeding under 70F is confirmed by my results.  I usually haven't worried about my starters, taking them out of the refrigerator a few days before use and feeding them; but sluggish results led me to make a proofing box this winter and my bread has improved.  I had thought patience would be sufficient, but a little extra heat has been more useful.

And, making the proofing box was fun.

Tom C

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A heating pad to keep it at 75 -78 F  for the next week and feeding 1:2:2 like Mini Oven says will have you a fine starer in another week.

Happy SD baking 

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It's been an interesting process.  I am currently doing a 1:2:2 and seeing how it will do.  Maybe in a day or two I will up it to 1:3:3.  Trying to keep it warmer and in the sun.