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Progress.... I think

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Progress.... I think

I hope this link works as reducing files to less than 2 MB seems to be beyond me....

I started my starter from Chelmer flour from Marriages of Chelmsford with just water.... took a few goes to get something that stayed the course and dated it 07-Jun-13. It never sees the fridge, it's cool enough in my back room and I bake a couple of loaves a week. Any number of useful folk on this site, from which I am currently going with 200g starter (100%), 600g flour, 400g water, keeping 50g back for the 10g salt. Mix starter with 350g water and then add to flour. Autolyse for 60 mins, add salt, S&F every 20-30 for 4 times, leave for 90 mins and then in the fridge overnight and most of next day till I get home from work. Allow to get back to RT, 16C, shape and transfer to floured basket, pop into plastic bag and seal, leave to 2-3 hrs. Oven Gas Top temp, dutch oven inside for 60 mins. Transfer dough to pot.. attempt to slash... lid on, close door, 20 mins later remove lid, bake for another 20 mins, reduce temp to Gas 7 after 5. Well baked.

Starter: it is active and has the consistency of molten lava, just pours in like a blobby thing...

Transferring to oven: this is a fun bit.... never too sure where it is going to end up... in the middle or half way up the sides... and it is just one step away from liquid, which I find makes it hard to score... but scoring is clearly a thing I need to improve because this loaf had the best rise I've had...

and with every loaf I take out of the oven.... I just want to bake another one to try again.... but I don't as I need to eat the one I've just baked...

It is fun




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good one that consistently produces a nice loaf.  Yours looks pretty consistent with them.   My 100% hydration starters never pour out as a glob.  I have to get them out with a spoon.  Yours sounds more liquid than that.  Are you using weight or volume for your maintenance?

No matter really, as your loaf looks just fine.  Well done and Happy Baking

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David Esq.

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