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KC Bakers: Central Milling Flour comes to town

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Postal Grunt

KC Bakers: Central Milling Flour comes to town

Once again, Costco has brought in something different and worthwhile in flour. I was going through the baking supplies aisle at the Lenexa Costco and found a Central Milling AP two pack of ten pound bags. The price was around $11-$12 if I recall correctly. I've never used the flour myself so I don't know much about its properties. A quick look at some of the past threads in the archives give it a big thumbs up.

Now that I've read what other TFL bakers have said, I'm going to go back there before they run out and replace it with some Conagra bleached and brominated stuff.


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The Central Milling Organic AP Flour is also at the Costco in Independence. I bought the two ten pound bags for around 13 or 14 dollars. Very good deal