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Just saying Howdy ya'll

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Just saying Howdy ya'll

A-ho ni-ka-zhinga, I'm Rico Black Bear, a master baker from Oklahoma. I joined The Fresh Loaf a couple of days ago and I love it! I came looking for new sourdough ideas (a long shot I know since man has used them for nearly 4000 years) and while I didn't find any I have found other recipes and ideas I can't wait to try. I really need ideas on how to obtain a San Francisco style sourdough flavor. My bread is only slightly sour despite using a California style starter which came from a mining camp in the Sierras. I don't know how old the starter actually is but mine is the piece shared with my great-grandmother in 1945. I did post some comments and ideas of my own to a couple of newbies just starting out with their first sourdough starters, which I hope help them out. I love to bake and to share my goodies, ideas, and recipes with others. If there's anyone interested I use mostly recipes that predate the 20th Century and its commercially available groceries, these recipes include about a dozen different sourdough and true yeast starters some made from things you'd never expect but that make excellent breads. Again I like the page very much and can't wait to start trying out what I've found and sharing what I know, or at least think I know!

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Howdy Rico! Welcome to TFL, and I hope you enjoy your stay! Glad to read that you found something new on here. As for the San Francisco Sourdough, there are several people on here who follow that path at least a little and can give you loads of advice. Sorry, I'm not one of them. I currently bake with sourdough but I've never experienced San Francisco style sourdough bread that I know of. I'm interested in your pre-20th Century baking, since ya asked. I like old fashioned and traditional recipes. And I like things that are unique or unexpected, like "about a dozen different sourdough and true yeast starters some made from things you'd never expect but that make excellent breads."

Looking forward to seeing what you're doing!

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Hello thanks for the welcome, Glad to see others interested in the old and unusual ways!

I can't believe you've never experienced San Francisco Sourdough! It has the most wonderful face puckering sour yeast flavor which goes great with heavy soups and sharp cheeses. You have to give it a try if you ever have a chance.

I will be adding my starter recipes to this page as I get a chance to for all to enjoy. I have already posted the first one Cherokee Bread Starter last evening. This one we say is a "family recipe" which has been enjoyed for generations but, I actually believe it was once in common use among the People. Like this one I and my family have converted them all to modern measurements to make it easier on less experienced and modern bakers.

I would also like to share my recipes for other "traditional" American Indian breads for others to enjoy, however, most are fry breads and I'm not sure they're appropriate for this page.

Can't wait to try some new ideas I've already found and new ones when they come along.


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David Esq.

And, I assure you, there is an interest in anything made with flour, even if, and in some cases, especially if, it is fried.

The link to the Cherokee starter is here for those who want to see it.

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Hello Rico and hello everyone else.

I'm new here myself.

In Falkirk, Central Scotland, with a starter slowly beginning to activate near but not too near the kitchen radiator. I tried the top of the fridge but I worried I might get battered if the door swang shut :-D