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Just a few Snapery pics.

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Ric Snapes

Just a few Snapery pics.

Hello one and all.

Just thought i'd share some pictures of the bread i've been churning out of my home kitchen. 

Having a day job is annoyingly getting in the way of my new bakery venture. But I work for a college, so in the summer I'll hopefully be baking full time in a real oven in a premises. But until then, I'm like a micro bakery I suppose. Anyway, here are those pictures:

Mini 'Field loaf'

Field Loaf for deliveries.

What a trophy.

Hint o' rye. 

Two large ones delivered. 

That's what i've been doing over the last two weeks.

If you want more in depth bakery movements go here:


Good day people!




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Your customers must be happy!

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Ric Snapes

Thanks! I hope they are.