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Potato, Rosemary, and Roasted Garlic Bread

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Potato, Rosemary, and Roasted Garlic Bread

Adapted from the Potato Rosemary bread in Reinhart's "The Bread Baker's Apprentice". His uses a biga, I really wanted to use sourdough. I did add commercial yeast as well, concerned that pure levain might struggle with all the mashed potato and such in there. And I was bad, I have not baked the original recipe, just went right for my adaptation!

My recipe in the screenshot. Hopefully readable enough. Just to note in the original he used 1.4% rosemary. I didn't have that much and even at 1% it was a lot of friggin' rosemary. We'll see how it tasted when it cools. Maybe 1.4% is better, but the rosemary certainly smells strong as is. Also, I have no idea how long I mixed. I thought with the reserved levain and potatoes, it wouldn't be an issue doing an autolyse, but it was difficult to incorporate the rest of the ingredients afterwards. Reinhart didn't use one at all. Next time I think I would do one, but with only a portion of the flour and water. And the levain amount in the final dough is minus the 15 grams seed. Oh, I also used the leftover water from cooking the potatoes in place of regular water in the final dough.

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terrific from the outside.  Love the scoring.  SD will raise the bread all on its own no problem.  SD loves potato and potato water and rise is no problem.  I too cut back on fresh rosemary as it is so much more powerful then the fried kind.  A couple of minced T would be plenty for a loaf of that size for me.  Can't wait to see the crumb and how it tastes.

Happy baking

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Tastes great, plenty of rosemary. And later is shall be a grilled BLT with homemade baconnaisse.

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Lovely all around...scoring and crust and crumb. I love making breads with potatoes and potato water. Always so tender and rise beautifully. Like dab and Ian I have had no problem getting a terrific rise with just SD levain. Good Luck on your next attempt. c

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good looking score and crumb.

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A beautiful loaf, crust & crumb.  I really like the scoring, very nice.  Rosemary can easily overpower anything and I am always shy with it when using an untasted recipe also.  The combination sounds very tasty and I am going to add this one to my very long to do list. If you were closer I could give you all the fresh rosemary you could ever use, it grows like a weed here.