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Sourdough garlic bread

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MarkS's picture

Sourdough garlic bread

I have been wanting to try this for some time now and I am very happy with the results!

The formula is:

70% hydration starter - 400 grams

KA AP flour - 765 grams + 235 grams from the starter - 100%

Water - 535 grams + 165 grams from the starter - 70%

Olive oil - 80 grams - 8%

Salt - 20 grams - 2%

2 whole bulbs of roasted garlic - no idea%

 I mixed the flour, water and starter in my stand mixer and let it autolysis for 30 minutes, then I added the rest of the ingredients and kneaded for 15. I did a four hour bulk fermentation, shaped and then proofed for two more hours.
I am really happy with the taste and crumb structure! The garlic is noticeable, but not overpowering.

This was my first time doing a high hydration bread, so my shaping isn't very good. That will come with practice.

dabrownman's picture

but it has to be great with that crumb that would kill by looking at it alone:-)  What a great idea for the roasted garlic - should be mellow enough after roasting.

Well done and happy baking

MarkS's picture

The garlic flavor was VERY mellow! It had a hint of garlic smell and you really couldn't taste it. I found a piece of garlic and even that was mellow. I think raw garlic would have been too strong and I hate mincing garlic. I squeezed the garlic into the dough!

Apart from being ugly as sin, it WAS amazing! It's GONE! ALL of it was devoured! I think my family would have licked the crumbs from the cutting board if the thought had occurred to them...

Antilope's picture

I posted this in another thread, but maybe it applies here.

This article describes how stainless steel removes onion, garlic and fish odors from your hands by attracting the sulfur molecules (that cause the odors). 

Why Stainless Steel Erases Garlic's Aroma - Huffington Post

So stainless steel reacts with some foods. Maybe there is something to the old saying about not letting sourdough touch metal? I hope it's not removing flavor or odor from sourdough, we usually want to increase that, not decrease it. ;-) I wonder if cooking onions or garlic in stainless steel robs some of their flavor? Or in this case kneading and mixing the dough in a stainless steel bowl removes some of the flavor?

MarkS's picture

I mixed it in a stainless bowl, but it fermented in a plastic bowl, rose in a banneton and was baked on stones, so no. Roasting garlic greatly mutes the flavor and aroma. If I used two bulbs of raw garlic, the smell and flavor would have knocked me across the room!

I am curious what effect cooking garlic has on its anti-fungal properties? I was kind of worried that it may not rise, but I've had less activity from commercial yeast. This ballooned!

Syd's picture

That's a beauty.  I love the crust and crumb and I am sure it tastes divine with the roasted garlic.

Nice baking,