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Pan De Cioccolate

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Pan De Cioccolate

2nd time attempting this bread. Still cooling, so I haven't cut it open yet to see how the crumb is. From Advanced Bread and Pastry by Michael Suas.

8% flour prefermented. (By my math it was actually 8.6%, out of 500 g total flour I used, to get 100 g levain (20%) I needed 41 g flour and 2 g rye flour at these percentages.)

Levain Formula

Flour 95%

Rye Flour 5%

Water 50%

Starter (stiff) 80%

Stiff starter is 50% hydration in this book. Ferment 8 hours @ 65-70 F.


Final Dough

Flour 100%

Water 63%

Honey 18%

Vanilla Extract 1%

Cocoa Powder 6%

Instant yeast 0.4% (The recipe calls for 0.3% osmotolerant instant yeast, I used regular instant yeast at this amount.)

Salt 2.3%

Levain 20%

Chocolate Chips 20%


Mix to medium consistency. Add chocolate chips at the end of mixing until just incorporated. (He doesn't use an autolyse, but I think I will try one next time.)

DDT: 75-78 F

Bulk fermentation: 2 hours

Preshape: light ball

Bench rest: 20-30 minutes

Shape: boule or batard

Final Proof: 2 1/2 - 3 hours

Score as desired

Bake with steam, 400 F 35-40 min for 1 lb loaves. Mine is larger than that, 500 g total flour not including what's in the stiff starter, and it took about 50 min to finish. I used a dutch oven for baking, 20 minutes covered, 30 minutes uncovered.

The first time I made it, I actually had to go out while it was proofing and came home an hour late, 4 hours proofing total. I was sure it would be overproofed, but it actually worked fine. I also bulk fermented that one 3 hours. This one was with 2 hours bulk and 3 hours final proof, and I wonder if I couldn't have gone longer. My dough was hovering around 74-75 F this time, didn't check the temp last time.


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Beautiful loaf, excellent write-up.

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Great looking loaf.  So how was the crumb and taste?

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The bread is wonderful. A little sweet, a little bitter from the cocoa, a little sour. I really have no idea what the bread should be, never seen nor heard of it before finding this recipe, but I'm immensely satisfied with it.

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I'm guesing some dried cherries would be another great add in for your chocolate bread for special occasions likeThursday:-).  Well done and

Happy baking

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So having some mascarpone cheese in the fridge that needed using, whipped together 8 ounces of that, 6 tsp honey, a pinch of salt, and on top of this bread, one of the best things I've put in my mouth I'd say.

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Warm chocolate bread and soft butter.  :)  Congratulations, that is a very nice loaf.

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Great looking bread, and particularly nice writeup.