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New couche fibre problem.

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Ric Snapes

New couche fibre problem.

Hi everyone.


I have a new couche, it likes to leave it's fibres on my baguettes. I do not like this. is there some preparation new couche's that I don't know about?



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Umm, ... just be thankful you don't have a German Shepherd in your house coating you and every thing in it with undercoat?

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I don't know what your couche is made of, but try flouring it as much as it can hold, rubbing in the flour with your hands, then scraping it all off with a plastic scraper.  The loose fibers and excess flour should come off with the scraping.


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Mark's idea sounds eminently sensible. Regarding couche, Pat's Couche Chronicals is a worthwhile read. This thread is useful too.