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Drop Scale

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Drop Scale

It connects to your iPad over Bluetooth, and an app watches the weights of ingredients as you add them to a prep bowl. It tells you exactly when to stop pouring. But if you go over, no problem. It will recalculate the rest of the recipe so the proportions are still right.

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A scale that, from the pictures, has no screen, therefore always has to use another system that is quite pricy and just has a touchscreen.

Touchscreen handling in the kitchen might be ok, but I don't like to do it with doughy or greasy hands. And furthermore I'm not sure if such a tablet allows cleaning or desinfection.

And scaling a recipe usually doesn't go beyond cross multiplication / rule of three. That's nothing I would need a special tool for. Does the algorithm adapt to water loss while baking which is different with different dough weights?

There is no price on the website. It seems to be a nice 10$ to 20$ gadget you can give as a present to a friend that already has such an overpriced tablet. For a higher price I'd strongly recommend buying a proper scale from maybe Soehnle.