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New Kitchen Range / Stove

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New Kitchen Range / Stove


Howdy Folks,

I am in the market for a new kitchen range / stove.  I have a budget of about $4000.00  but I only have space for a 30in range.  I'd like to get a Dual Fuel, convection set up and it needs to be white.  Any recommendations?  We've been replacing out appliances for the last year and the last one in the range.  We currently have a glass top electric range but I had a gas line installed knowing that we'd need to replace the to range eventually and I wanted to be ready.  I'd consider one of the double ovens if it was high quality.  Any help is appreciated.

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Yes, I double posted by accident.  I tried to delete it. 


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I bought a 30" GE Cafe gas, double oven, free-standing range in April 2012.  I love it!  I've only been baking bread for a couple of months, but as a cook, it's a fantastic tool.  Once I began to bake bread, I bought an oven thermometer and my ovens are correctly calibrated - yay!  I'm not sure if it is made in white, though.  I paid about $3200-$3300 for it, at Lowe's (special order).

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I bought a 36" Electrolux Icon dual fuel range in December 2012. Here's the write up I posted regarding our kitchen upgrade.

A couple of the responders asked me to write a review after I'd worked with the stove for a few months. Here's the link to that post.

Another year has past, and I am as satisfied (or more so) as I was a year ago. It has been a solid performer; has survived numerous power failures--a frequent occurrence in N-Central Florida--without incident, get's a steam bath while baking bread one or two days a week without crashing its minimal electronics, and continues to be a joy to cook and bake with.

We bought it sight-unseen, after considerable online and in-store research, from a Long Island appliance dealer who's been in business since 1909. Despite Super-storm Sandy, it was delivered on time and intact. I looked online and the equivalent 30" model sells at 3799.00 from the same retailer, however, Electrolux appliances are available nation-wide from all the major appliance retailers: you won't find it in-stock, however. Special order will likely be your only option.

Good luck with your upgrade,

David G