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New Baker from Vermont

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New Baker from Vermont


I have a small bakery in Vermont using an Alan Scott oven.  I've been baking commercially for 7 years now.  It's a good life.  We do a good seasonal trade at farmers markets in the area.

I am wondering if any forum regulars could guide me to the right category to post a job offer?  I have a situation available for an experienced bread and pastry baker.

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Uh... Professional concerns maybe?  Or General? We're not too uptight about picking the proper forum here.

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I hope we get to see frequent posts of what you are up to with your bakery, and at home.

The best place for posting the job notice would be the Professional Concerns forum here on TFL.  Best wishes to you and your prospective new hire.


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Mini Oven

Do you owe each other a drink loaf?   You boys posted exactly the same time!  :)   Welcome g-c-b!

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Cool, thanks for the welcome.

We run a nice little seasonal operation that bakes for area farmers' markets.  It is just about time to get going on the 2014 season, but I have been putting a lot of work into the bakery first to get it all spruced up.  I painted my 60 quart hobart mixer royal blue.  I figure if the mixer feels like it's looking its best it will mix its best!  Plus lots of other little rehab jobs.  It's never boring here...