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Dutch Oven alternatives?

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Dutch Oven alternatives?

Hello bakers,

I'm currently abroad dealing with family health issues. I want to bake some quality boule's for my mom but have miserably failed at finding a dutch oven. I know I can try some moist towels, or ice cubes in a pan or another of those techniques to introduce moisture to the oven, but I was curios about using a cast iron pan and building like a tin foil tent to capture the dough moisture and recreate D.O. results.

Any thoughts of ideas?


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Mike Jordan

Can you put the cast iron pan upside down over it or will that not leave enough space for it to rise?  I've used a stainless steel bowl to put over mine while cooking and that worked almost as well as the dutch oven that I finally got.



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Mike's suggestion is probably your best solution. There was much discussion of that technique a couple years ago, I think it was.


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Mini Oven

double the foil and shape it first over the upside down pan or a bowl with the same edge diameter to get the shape, then crimp it tight around the pan edge before popping it into a hot oven.  

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I use a crockpot insert and it works very well, but mine is all ceramic and glass.  I have also used a casserole dish (corningware) and a turkey roaster with a bit of water in it.  They all work ok.  The turkey roaster gives the least desired effect, because the crust doesn't come out as great.

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It can take the heat. Try a big crockery bowl. I'd start it in a cold oven and then invert it over the loaf on a baking sheet.