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Double Fermented Oat Porridge Bread

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Double Fermented Oat Porridge Bread

Inspired by Tartine no.3, I used his double ferment method in preparing this bread. Using Kefir Whey to soak quick cooking oats overnight in 3:1 ratio (375:125). As it has significantly soften so I didnt boil it down, rather I only added the drained oats into the dough. Oatie flavor is apparent and complement well with almonds, however the crumb was a bit disappointing. It taste like a sandwich bread more than a boldly baked bread, it has moist n soft crumb, but its not open enough. 

Oat Porridge Bread       
Total Weight2225      
Weight per Serving741.66667      
Total Flour 1100     
Total Water 850     
Total Hydration 77.27%     
Multi-grain % 40.91%     
 Build 1Build 2Build 3SoakerFinal DoughAdd-InTotal
White Starter (100%)100     100
Wholewheat Starter100     100
Rye Starter      0
Yeast Water Levain (100%)      0
Extra-High Protein Flour (>14%)      0
Bread Flour    600 600
AP Flour      0
Wholemeal Flour       
Wholewheat Flour    250 250
Rye Flour    100 100
Corn Flour    50 50
Water    750 750
Milk      0
Raisin Soaker Water      0
Yeast Water      0
Others      0
Yeast      0
Salt    25 25
Oat Porridge     300300
ADD-IN      0
Almond     150150
Autolyse all ingridient (except Salt & Yeast)40 Min      
Add Salt, Mixed with Pincer Method       
S&F 6 Times @ 30min interval3 Hours      
Total Bulk Fermentation (21C)6 Hours      
Retard 6 Hours      
Bake - Steam15      
Bake -Uncover25      
 Internal Temp 210F      

I am not sure if this is due to not enough first fermentation or im not gentle enough with the dough. One thing can be certain is that surface tension wasnt enough for the batard, which is why it spread a bit. 

Heres the crumb shot



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whole grains, non gluten flour and almonds, the crumb you achieved is really pretty good.  The extra hydration in the oat porridge probably accounted for some of the spreading along with there being no gluten in it or the corn and very little in the rye - things are going to spread more than you are used to or think they might.  I'm not sure what the Kerfir whey does but what puzzles me the most is that it tastes like sandwich bread that doesn'l have any of this stuff in it:-)

Happy baking CeciC

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When i looked at Chad's Oat Porridge Bread, I stood no chance in comparing. His crumb is so open n light. I probably wont use any corn flour or rye in my next bake. See if it would get any better. 

Its texture is like sandwich bread, very soft n fluffy. If I have it plain, the oats flavor is more prominent. More experience with this bread is needed.

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Quick question to those who know this book well: Are the "fermented oats" cooked or not in the "fermented oat" bread on page 192? The opening paragraph implies they are cooked after fermentation, but in the recipe itself it looks like they go in without cooking.