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60%+ Whole Grain Tomato Batard

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60%+ Whole Grain Tomato Batard


Original Formula        
36+ hour 60% whole grain tomato batard        
Total Weight1025       
Weight per Serving256.25       
Total Flour 500      
Total Water 450      
Total Hydration 90.00%      
Multi-grain % 67.50%      
 Build 1Build 2Build 3SoakerFinal DoughAdd-InTotal 
White Starter (100%)75     75 
Wholewheat Starter75     75 
Rye Starter      0 
Yeast Water Levain (100%)      0 
Flour      0 
Extra-High Protein Flour (>14%)      0 
French Bread Flour    125 125 
AP Flour      0 
Wholemeal Flour      0 
Wholewheat Flour    150 150 
Rye Flour    75 75 
Barley Flour    75 75 
Iced Cold Water    375 375 
Milk      0 
Dark Ale      0 
Yeast Water      0 
Water      0 
Others      0 
Yeast      0 
Salt    10 10 
Honey      0 
Sun Dried tomato and Herbs     6565 
ADD-IN      0 
Mixed All ingridient except Salt, tomato paste and levain        
Refridgerate the dough for 12 hours        
Add Salt, levain and tomato paste        
S&F (4 time @ 30mins Interval)        
Cold Bulk Fermentation24 hours       
Bring it back to room temp and continue to ferment till its double in size (4 hours)        
pre-shape into batard till it relaxed        
Bake with Steam10Min       
Bake without steam20Min       

Having made a 60% Whole Grain foccacia last week, this week I incorporate DABOWNMAN ideas adding sun dried tomato and herbs into the dough during the initial mixing. This gives it a nice hint of tomato flavor, adding 1 tsp each of dried basil and dried oregano doesnt seem to be enough (as they are a year old by now, i should probably get some new herbs when I head to the market)

This is my very first time of achieving an ear!! Excited!! 

Crumb is not too bad, its moist and light but I was hoping for a more open crumb. Some more work to do next week.


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Nice ear, and awesome crumb! I bet it tastes good as well.

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Thank you WoodenSpoon it tastes pretty good. Last night I finished one whole loaf uncontrollably even after dinner. 

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A very nice looking loaf and it sounds very tasty.  :)

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Thanks Darwin. Its a very nice idea of DAB to incorporate Sun Dried Tomato in bread!! Very Tomato, much better than incorporating sodium rich tomato paste.

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to make the baker hear better!  Well done

I don't use dried herbs in bread because of what you mention - they have very little flavor left in them no matter how fresh dried they are.  I grow my own fresh ones though and prefer rosemary with sun dried tomato and garlic and then there is pesto bread with all the basil and oregano in it.  I like to fold them into the dough on the next to last fold. so they are evenly distributed by the last one.  For 500g of dough I would put in 1 tablespoon each of SD tomato and Rosemary chopped fine, so in you bread it would be twice that much.   The fresh herbs should come through then.

I was looking through your process and see that you mix everything together except the salt and the levain then do a 12 hour retarded autolyse.

Then I assume you take it out of the fridge and let it warm up before adding he salt and levain?  If so, how long?  Then you do 4 S&F's in 2 hours with no warm bulk ferment and then retard for 24 hours as a bulk ferment.  Then take out and warm up and let double.  Is this double the size it came out of the fridge or double the size it was when it went into the fridge for the 24 bulk ferment? I assume it rose quite a bit during the cold 24 hour bulk ferment like mine does?

Your baking has come a long way very quickly CeciC so that open crumb you seek can't be far away but, at 60% whole grains it will never be like a SFSD white bread.

Happy baking

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Thanks for your complement. 

OMG!! I only put 1 teaspoon of each herbs, no wonder why it doesnt come through. I better go n buy a few pots of herbs as i have murdered all of mine last year. 

I didnt let it warm up before I add the salt n Levain, which I think makes it easier to do the S&F and it feels much stronger in compare to room temp dough. Coz last week wasnt that warm so by the end of 2 hours, it hasnt grown a bit so I shove it back into the fridge. The next day when its out, it has grown about 20-30%. My starter doesnt like cold i think It barely move when its below 16C SIGH!!

Actually I was looking at TxFarmer picture when I sliced up mine, which makes me feel really really bad. Mine is completely out of the league when compare to hers. Hers is insanely open. Im gonna have another go at this next week. Hopefully my new banneton will arrive by then. 

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Thats a fantastic looking loaf of bread.  I don't think you ask for a better crumb with such a dough. I concur that you have come a long way very fast.  Fantastic looking bake.  


Now for your version of a Pane Maggiore


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Thank you so much josh. What is Pane Maggiore? Does it have any special formulae, method or ingredient to make it Pane Maggiore? 


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That looks and sounds soo delicious, Ceci! Well done!