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My bread isn't White?

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My bread isn't White?

Hi,  I have been baking bread for several years, started with a bread maker and progressed to hand making. I use strong white bread flour and get good results, however because of an indigestion problem I cannot eat my own bread, ( the family love the bread ) and I have to buy a shop made loaf.

I live in an outer area of Belfast and the loaf I buy/eat is a Belfast Bap long. This loaf is white with a burnt topping ( Japanese Rice flour ) the loaf is very light and soft and without a doubt the best bread I have ever eaten. If I could reproduce it I would be a very happy chappy! ( I have tried with a couple of recipes but alas both failed).

To my question, I cannot bake a White loaf, I always have a light brown inner, what am I doing wrong.

My ingredients: Flour ( as above ) water, salt  and yeast. baked for 20/25 minutes at 220 deg.

I would appreciate any tips.