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what hydration is this starter?

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what hydration is this starter?

20g starter - 100% hydration

40g flour

40g water


Is this still a 100% hydration starter?


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yes - the only difference is that it weighs 80 grams more and some might call it a levain.

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There is a tutorial for that. And lots of good information is available in other forum topics. Use the search bar at the top right of the page to find out all about Bakers' Math!

The easiest way to calculate this, since we have the 20g starter at 100% hydration, is to divide the starter, add the flour and water from the starter to the other flour and water, then re-divide to find final hydration.

So 20g / 2 = 10g each of flour and water

40g flour + 10g flour = 50g flour

40g water + 10g water = 50g water (you should see now where this is heading)

50g water / 50g flour = 100% hydration

Let's see how different numbers would give us a different outcome. Let's say that you have 20g starter at 100% hydration, but you are mixing it with 50g flour and 35g water. Well, the calculation would work the same way.

20g / 2 = 10g each flour and water

10g flour + 50g flour = 60g flour

10g water + 35g water = 45g water

45g water / 60g flour = 75% hydration

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Mini Oven

Formula:   water weight / flour weight x 100 = hydration%

(water weight divided by flour weight times one hundred reads hydration in percent)  

Without multiplying by 100, the answer on the calculator will appear to be two decimals off.   Which needs converting to %.    

50/50 =1   1 x 100 = 100