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Is wheat the only thing you can make a decent sandwich bread from?

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Is wheat the only thing you can make a decent sandwich bread from?

I have been trying to make a non-wheat sandwich bread for awhile and have even experimented a lot using gluten flour and other flours to see if I could make a good sandwich bread.  Most of the breads I make are too dense and don't rise, even with the addition of the gluten flour.  I have basically just given up and gone back to using wheat.  I am just curious if anyone else has had success.  There are many recipes out there, but I find that my breads just wind up being too dense, and wind up being more rustic or like a loaf bread.  

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Bob S.

It would be difficult to make a good sandwich loaf without any wheat flour, but you can always include non-wheat flour as an adjunct to wheat. I regularly make sandwich bread with 20% spelt flour (along with 2.5% vital wheat gluten), with good results.


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is Jewish Deli Rye with between 30 and 40% whole rye in it.  Last Friday I made a 60% whole rye sandwich bread that I've been  making all kinds of sandwiches with it this week - just delicious.  White sandwich bread made from white wheat is really pretty terrible tasting stuff in my book - but to each their own.  60% whole grain Mutigrain breads with about 7 different grains are also some of my favorite sandwich breads too.

I do like the flavor of wheat and do put about 20% -40% of the total flour is usually wheat.

Happy baking 

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Mini Oven

it's about half spelt (200g) and AP white wheat (225g) and needs no vital wheat gluten and some rye.  It is a sourdough loaf.

It has a sweetness from the spelt.   Or this one (of many):

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Nice buns

I don't know if this helps but I've just made a really tasty loaf using spelt flour in my bread machine.

I used 75% white spelt flour and mixed it with 25% pure rye flour.  It rose beautifully and came out a very light brown colour.

It's not dense at all, it's actually extremely light.  I'm avoiding wheat at the moment so I was looking for a loaf that tastes as close to normal white bread as possible.  This is by FAR the closest I've found.

Before now I bought loaves of wholemeal spelt or rye or quinoa or whatever but they were all very heavy, very dense and nothing like what I'm used to.

I just put the bread machine on the normal setting for a basic white loaf.  I can give you the recipe if you like.

Hope that helps.