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Cranberry and other ingredients sticking

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Cranberry and other ingredients sticking

I am going to make a cranberry/walnut sourdough later today,  I have made it a few times with varying success (starter issues...), but each time I have had a problem with pieces of cranberry sticking to the pan during the baking process.  I think I am flouring the pan adequately - is there anything I am missing?

More flour?   Bake it on a stone?

I hope this is is the appropriate place for the question, wasn't quite sure.


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with non stick spray - canola oil. That should solve the problem.

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I make a cranberry/walnut no knead in the Dutch oven (oven and DO NOT preheated) and wipe it with a touch of canola oil first, or sometimes butter and no trouble with sticking.  

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I have also sprinkled the bottom of the loaf with bran, or used parchment paper to avert sticking.


Lloyd D.

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Mini Oven

before plopping in the pan.  Any berries near the surface should be poked in or pulled out and stuck deep into the seam where they can't burn near the crust or sugar melt onto the pan.  This goes for nuts, raisins, etc.  

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I used a light spray on a sheet rather than a stone, and took the precaution of pushing in any obvious extrusions - no more problems.