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Honey Oat Pullman Loaf or My First Try at Pullmans

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little lemon loaf

Honey Oat Pullman Loaf or My First Try at Pullmans

I found out this week, that I already own a Pullman tin.  I was using it to store bookmaking supplies, thought it was an old icebox.

It is aluminum, 4x4x11, and my new/old pride and joy.

This loaf includes:

200g Whole Wheat Flour

185g Bread Flour

185g AP Flour

50g Oat Flour

10g Wheat Germ

20g Whole Oats

520g Water

10g Instant Yeast

65g Honey

Autolysed 1 hour.

45g Olive Oil

17g Sea Salt

Fermented 45 minutes, Shaped into the pan, Proofed at room temp, and then baked at 350 for 30 minutes. Then baked without the lid til it reaches desired crust color.

This makes two loaves. I just let the other loaf proof in the fridge while the first proofed and baked.

It used to be much longer, but we ate half of it.


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I like the Pullman shaped loaves. The latest loaf I made in my Pullman was cinnamon swirl bread.

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loaf of bread. Well done

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