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Dutch Oven: Alternative to parchment paper?

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Dutch Oven: Alternative to parchment paper?

I am using a dutch oven to bake my no knead bread, actually technically it is a crockpot insert, but I am going through a lot of parchment paper.  Is there an alternative I could use?  Would grease and cornmeal work?  It seems like the parchment paper is a bit of a waste when you are baking so much bread.  

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Cornmeal works great. ive heard brown rice flour too but I haven't tried. 

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a few times, anyway, but yes cornmeal also works. 

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My parchment paper comes out pretty brown afterwards.  But I do have brown rice flour, so I'll try that.  Should I oil the oven too?

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Some use parchment to help load the dough into the preheated DO .  I don't preheat the DO, several posts here tested and found no difference.  If you are asking how to keep it from sticking,  I just use a nonstick spray and it works fine.

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I use the re-useable parchment sheets which I purchase over 30 years ago at William Sonoma, but recently have found them on Amazon:

I did not want to buy more kitchen equipment for baking bread, so I shape my dough onto the parchment sheet which I cut in half, with the seam-side down to retard in a bowl or colander that is the right size for my dutch oven.  I just lower the dough into the hot dutch oven without fear of deflating it or burning myself. I started tossing in some rice into the dutch oven so the bottom of the loaf did not burn--then you can make a nice cup of toasted rice tea.

I have used the same sheets in a 500 degree oven now for the past 4 years--once or twice a week--and they are still good--a little darker in color but they still are working well.



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I don't really make NK bread anymore, but when I did I've never used any parchment paper, not in enameled dutch oven, not in uncoated one.   Nothing ever stuck.  Don't use grease, at high temperatures it will smoke something terrible.

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a lot of parchment paper, but what the heck!  Look what you are getting in return.  The results outweigh the means $$$.   Still,  i try to conserve money and if the parchment paper looks good,  I will reuse it 2 or three times.  I think parchment paper works better than other solutions so why not use the best method for what you need?  I buy mine a discount grocery store, Aldi or Woodman's and it lasts me a long time before needing to buy more.