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Chad Robertson terms

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Chad Robertson terms

For some reason, Mr. Robertson seems to use very different language in his recipes than I'm used too. Maybe it comes from being from San Francisco (?) I'm not sure. 

I'm really glad 'Tartine' wasn't my first baking book, or else I probably wouldn't have endured with this artisan passion I have for making the most amazing home baked loaves. But after many super successful boules and pizzas using Ken Forkish's FWSY, I've been gifted 'Tartine 3' and I'm curious to try his approach.

There will be many questions, but I'll start with this very simple one:

Whole grain wheat flour. Medium strong bread flour. High extraction wheat flour.

Can someone translate these to non-hipster grocery store names?

(I wonder if, while proofing his loaves, Chad goes out to the ocean in his low-density polyurethane hydro-gliding board, and performs some gravity-current fed, high velocity wave rides....)

In Oregon, we call it surfing.

Peace, B. 

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Whole grain wheat flour = wheat flour with none of the bran content removed. aka "whole wheat flour"

Medium strong bread flour = white flour with a relatively high protein content. "medium strong" is not an absolute term, so I would think probably around 12% protein or so? Don't quote me on this.

High extraction wheat flour =

His language is more related to being a baking professional than a San Francisco local.