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Hi! Greeting

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Hi! Greeting


I'm Glen

I'm new both in baking and joining a forum. I guess this is the first step in forum?

I put interest in a few thing like music, drawing, and cooking, eventhough I've mastered neither of them (I'm interested in all of them I can't focus on just one thing). Lately, I want to make another burger, but ran out of burger bun and had out of luck finding one on local store. Then it came across my mind, "why don't I make my own burger bun?". A few minutes later, I remember eating bagel burger once, and wish to make bagel burger instead of burger bun, as bagel is quite rare in my country. And so, I started trying to learn how to make bagel, googling and watching several youtube videos. As I fail making a good bagel, I googled more and came across this site, and think this would be the best place to learn about baking.

That's how I started to join The Fresh Loaf :D So, Hi everyone!

Anyway, I want to start asking question about baking. Which forum should I post my question? I don't want to post on the wrong room :D


Have a nice day!

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Floyd Mann is our host.  Post your question on the home page to get the most exposure.

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Welcome to TFL! There are a lot of really friendly and helpful people here, some more knowledgeable than others. But, to get a really great start, you can search what you're looking for using the search box at the top right of this page. Chances are, someone has answered your questions already. If you do still need help, feel free to pick a forum category that seems right to you for the question you have. Sometimes the question just isn't going to fit precisely anywhere anyway.

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Hi everyone!

thanks for replying. Sorry for my late reply. I usually visit this on weekend :D

Indeed I've actually come across the question here but it might have been a different case from mine.
Thanks for the advice. I'll just go and post a question on a new thread

Happy baking!