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Swedish Rye Bread

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Swedish Rye Bread

Hi all –


I have a special favor to ask. My wonderful Swedish father-in-law is having some health problems right now. He is almost 91 and has been living quite successfully by himself. Because of his problem he had to go to the hospital for a few days and now he’s in a nursing home (just for a few days hopefully until we can get him back to his independent living apartment).  Here’s the brief Swedish rye bread recipe he got from his mother. No mention of how much yeast, etc. I’ve had this before (my dear hubby baked it, but it’s awfully dry,) Can someone please help me adapt this so it will maintain its character but still be somewhat true to the original?  I'd love to be able to take him a loaf (and also a loaf with some good butter to bribe the nurses...!)Thanks so much in advance!


½ t. salt

2T. of Crisco

3 T. Molasses

1 cup of scalded milk

1 c. of warm water with yeast

2 c. of rye wheat

4 c. of white flour


Bake 350 degrees for 25 minutes


Trish in Omaha

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These two recipes appear similar. That first one calls for "two cakes yeast" though - two cakes of fresh yeast would be a very large amount I would think. Between 1 and 2 tsp of modern instant or active dry yeast should be plenty for the size you propose.,194,146171-251197,00.html




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Thanks for your reply. I checked your links and also googled "swedish rye bread" and finally found one with very similar ingredients that matched my FIL old recipe. Will photo if it turns out -