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Tartine Country Bread: Max Retard Times for Shaped Loaves?

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Tartine Country Bread: Max Retard Times for Shaped Loaves?

Hi friends,

I'm having my family over for brunch tomorrow and have two loaves of Tartine Country Bread in the fridge, shaped and proofing. They went into the fridge last night (Friday night) at 11pm. I would normally bake them today, Saturday in the afternoon.

My question is, is the bread likely to be overproofed if I leave one of the loaves in there until tomorrow morning (Sunday)?  

It's a whole wheat loaf - with 80% hydration. And this is the first time I've milled my own flour to bake with.

Thanks for your help!

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David Esq.

It is said to be difficult to over proof sourdough bread. On the other hand , whole wheat and fresh milled at that may ferment faster than normal.  But I would just wait and see. If you used cool water that might make a difference too.  

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but since it is in the fridge for a long time it will have slowed down to its slowest point.  The fridge will keep it from spreading too much.  You can slash it and toss it into a hot oven right out of the fridge as cold as possible. Chances are that will be enough to keep it from collapsing if over proofed. I say go for it.  If it turns out to really over proofed - be very gently with the slash or use scissors or don't slash aat all since it isn't going to spring much anyway...

Good Luck

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Thanks for the encouragement - I went ahead with the long retard time, baking on Sunday morning. it was delicious but didn't have much ovenspring. Totally okay and the bread was still happily devoured for its super tastiness!

Appreciate the help :)