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Rise percentage

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Rise percentage


I tend to judge the readiness of dough during fermentation by how much it rises. Based on FSWY recipes, this can be double or triple the size. 

Well I borrowed the Tarine bread book from a friend and I'm confused as why he calls for a 20-30% increase in volume only. That seems like it barely rises! Can someone explain?

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My guess is, that the tartine dough has a long bulk fermentation and afterwards you don't press out all the bubbles.

The 20% to 30% is therefore from an already risen state.

Although with the tartine breads a lot of rise happens during the huge oven spring. (Other recipes will lead to less oven spring but more rise beforehand).

Nevertheless 20% really seems a little bit little to me. Are you sure he didn't talk about the leaven? (He uses very young leaven.)



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David Esq.

He says what he says and in my experience I never get much of a rise before baking. I'd say the dough gets airier but never gets puffy. Maybe it is due to the high hydration and heavy weight of the dough, or the keeping it in a small container. In any case, it springs into a lovely loaf.