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3 Weekend Bake

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3 Weekend Bake

My planned bake was

1) Sourdough Ciabatta from TxFarmer Formula which I wanna try to improve the crumb. (Now I think I have issue with an ungreased container, when I flip my dough out after bulk fermentation it sticks. Will remember to grease all my containers next time before it hits the fridge. 

This morning I have it toasted spread with Foie Gras Pate served with Tomato (Unfortunately forgot to take a pic of my sandwich)

2) Wheat Rye 20 from Tartine No3 with Mxed Seeds, which didnt turn out very well as it spread before it hits the oven (crumb shot n details is written in my other post)  

This is served as toast with Flax oil and cottage cheese spread

3) Pain Au Levain (corn Flour) adopted from BREAD This is a salvage bake just in case my second bake is used to feed my bin. The formula I used is below

Original Formula        
Pain Au Levain (Corn Flour)        
Total Weight1717       
Weight per Serving1717       
Total Flour 905      
Total Water 705      
Total Hydration 77.90%      
Multi-grain % 26.52%      
Total Levain 210      
 Build 1Build 2Build 3SoakerFinal DoughAdd-InTotal 
White Starter (100%)10     10 
Wholewheat Starter      0 
Rye Starter      0 
Yeast Water Levain (100%)      0 
 10     10 
Flour      0 
Extra-High Protein Flour (>14%)      0 
Bread Flour 60  600 660 
AP Flour      0 
Wholemeal Flour      0 
Wholewheat Flour    170 170 
Rye Flour 40  0 40 
Corn Flour    30 30 
Water 100  600 700 
Milk      0 
Others      0 
Yeast      0 
Salt    17 17 
Cinnamon (2 Tbs)      0 
ADD-IN      0 
Wheat Germ (toasted)     7070 
Semolina (Toasted)     3030 
Sunflower Seeds      0 
Oats      0 
Autolyse Flour with Water60 Min       
Add Salt, Add in and Levain, Mixed with pincer method        
- S&F 3 times @ 30, 60, 90min interval        
- Total Bulk Fermentation @ 25C4h 0m       
Second Proof2:30       
Bake - Cover20       
Bake -Uncover30       
Its done when its internal Temp hits 210F        

The last one is still un-cut sitting at home waiting. Will update this with a crumb shot tonight. 


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Looks great on the outside.  Can't wait to you see your crumb shot.  Sounds like a tasty loaf!

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Hi Isand66,

Thank you very much for your kind words, but the crumb isnt as open as i would have imagine. I think its very much due to underdeveloped gluten. I will give it a few more stretch n fold next time. Also it sticks to the plastic container when I pour the dough out after bulk fermentation. which is more of a sign of not enough gluten develop. 

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Doesn't look too bad to me.  I don't really think the gluten development had anything to do with the sticking.  Sometimes if your dough is a high hydration it's just going to stick so spray with some cooking oil and that will do the trick.  Sometimes it has more to do with how you handle the dough.  When it stuck to your bowl you may have accidentally deflated too many of the dough "bubbles" formed from the CO2 trapped inside.

Anyway, I'm sure the next time you will get it even more to your liking...but if it tastes good that's the main point.

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Love the various grains, germ and seeds.  It looks mice inside and ou.  the crumb siopen enough for sure.  Get sme rice flour in that basket so nothing will stick to it:-)  This bread has to taste as good as it looks.  Well done and

Happy baking