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Ordering mini oven

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Ordering mini oven

I am trying to save money on my gas bill (big old range cooker) without giving up my sourdough baking. I have ordered the 

Klarstein Omnichef 30 Mini Electric Oven 1500W 31 Litres

It appears that there is an option for top and bottom heat with convection, but no option for bottom heat plus convection only. Have I made a mistake? Will I be able to make this work?

Thanks for your advice!


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I don't know anything about that oven, but if you decide to get another I recommend the $249 Breville oven on

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isn't quite ready yet. I preheated the oven to 230 C and loaded the 400g loaf in a Pyrex dish. The temperature dropped to 170 C. I kept the dial at 230 C but it never managed to climb back above 200 C, and it only managed that after 20 minutes. Slight oven spring (minimal). The loaf is cooked through with a thin crust and moist crumb. I don't like the bread but maybe that's because I am used to making sourdough. I've got 3 weeks to decide whether to send this oven back. I'd like to have the ability to make any type of sourdough bread in this oven. Any opinions? Should i keep it?


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  1. What was the temperature of your dough before you put it in, I assume it was a room temperature (RT). If so, do you have a proofing box or smoker, can you get the temperature of the dough higher before it goes into the oven?
  2. Do you have a baking stone, or a quarry or stone mason nearby? If you could preheat a baking stone to 230C, which you should be able to do in that oven (although it make take a while), it will do a better job of retaining the heat when you put the loaf in.