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Tartine with spelt, white whole wheat, AP and overnight autolyse

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David Esq.

Tartine with spelt, white whole wheat, AP and overnight autolyse

300 grams white whole wheat

400 grams spelt

300 grams AP

800 grams water

mixed the above and left out at room temp overnight while my mature starter was left to make my leaven. 

In the morning, I combined the leaven with the dough and added 20 grams of salt. Stretch and fold x 6 over 4 hours and baked 20 minutes covered and 20 minutes uncovered (450). 



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It has a lovely crust.  :)

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David Esq.

For some reason I can't "paste" photos from my iPad to this site.  Here is a shot of the crumb.  The bread is delicious too. True, it does not have chocolate in it...


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Julie McLeod

Looks great.  I haven't tried this but I've been wondering whether hydrating some or all of the flour at the same time as making the leaven would be valuable in developing flavor.  Is that why you do it or is there another reason?

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David Esq.

In the Tartine book, Chad Robertson suggests some people do this for whole wheat breads, though he only suggests 40 minutes. I believe that the extended time (over the basic country loaf) is attributable to the fact that whole wheat takes longer to absorb the water..

I decided to give it a go because it seemed like it would be a more efficient use of time. Rather than waking up to mix the dough, giving it a rest and them adding salt, I wake up, add the leaven and salt and skip the rest period. I just gave it a turn at 30 minutes and continued from there. 

The dough definitely feels developed sooner this way. I liked the way it felt. I did not get the rise I am used to with >60% all purpose flour. But I don't know whether it was the flour or the levain since while it passed the float test it did not do so quite as well as normal, but I used it anyway. 

In a sense it almost seemed over proofed and perhaps it didn't need the full four hour bulk rise.  I lack the experience to judge these things, but will develop it through time, trial and error.