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Farm gate product?

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Farm gate product?


I'm curious what other farm-gate sellers are selling in terms of sourdough product? I'm in Ontario, Canada, so am not as restricted as many U.S. sellers might be. I live just before the entrance to a very significant Provincial Park, one that is heavily visited during the camping season.

I'm thinking about hot dog/sausage baguettes and ciabatta rolls, but do any of you have experience with this?

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Well, they allow sales of what we call "hazardous" foods? such as product with meat and cheeses? i assume you speaking of sales with out the in-depth inspection or license's right?... in Wisconsin we call this the "pickle bill" and it is restricted to certain products, to a certain level of sales volumes, and if the product is mainly derived from the farm etc....

ok,.. if so then why not also check into Pasties? they are big in the northern areas here, and people even buy them frozen baked and non-baked..they sold real big in north west Montana along the Canadian border (my dad's bakery when i was a kid, and in way north Wisconsin and north Michigan they are super big too, they are great.

one of my pet "wanna do's" is tamales ! they do not have to be made fresh, can be sold cooked or frozen raw also, and are again,...easy to eat and carry, and you can get a tamale maker from a company called tamale king at (i am not selling them). the main thing is to stay away from items that will bring sold for a low sale price,  the idea is get the "most dough out of the dough you make" , especially in a situation where your restricted on the volume, and remember... there are only so many hours in the day. I do a farmers market for a living, the past 25 years now, it is not all a "piece of cake"..<grins>  if i may ask, what park are you close to? i grew up just about 25 miles west of  west glacier...





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is that I didn’t want to get into a big discussion about inspections, licensing, separate kitchens and such.

I’m 2km west of Balsam Lake Provincial Park and Indian Point Provincial Park, and en-route to many other weekend warrior destinations. I had a huge estate sale last year in August and from Friday to Sunday, 8:00am to 6:00pm, there were at least 10 people constantly there. I get a lot of traffic and have great potential for sales, I think.

The big question is; what to sell. I was thinking like you suggested, get the most dough for my dough. Tamales and pasties involve multiple cooking steps…not what I was thinking. I was thinking ciabatta rolls, rolls for hamburgers and hot dogs, sliced bread for French toast, sub-sized baguettes, and of course loaves. Stuff city folk will be surprised to find up here on the side of the road.

Not saying I will be selling all those things every weekend, just looking for ideas at the moment.