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Overnight Country Blonde

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Overnight Country Blonde

Overnight Country Blonde, according to the formula in Flour Water Salt Yeast by Ken Forkish.

90% bread flour, 5% whole wheat, 5% rye, 78% water and sourdough. 12 hours bulk fermentation at room temperature and 4 hours final proof. Yeah! You're great, KEN.

Abel Sierra.

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That bread looks fantastic, Abel! And your photo is so artistic--I can practically smell the aroma of the wheat and taste the crunch of the crumb.  Delicious!

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Julie McLeod

That's a really lovely loaf.  

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bread.  Well done!

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It seems to me there are an infinite number of abstract art pictures that could be gleaned from closes ups of this single loaf.  The centre makes me think of a flow of molton lava from a volcano as it forces its way through the rocks !

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¡ Maravilloso !

¿ Vas a escribir algo sobre como lo hiciste y añadir fotos de la miga en tu blog ?



Will you write something about how you made it and post pictures of the crumb in your blog?

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and my favorite from "Flour, Water, Salt, Yeast".