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Friend of mine just asked me to bake 12 breads (Tartine) for Saturday evening. I’m up to the challenge :) however I can only bake two breads at time and what is more important I have only three brotforms. I do have food grade “bus tub” but I don’t know if I can keep sourdough (after bulk fermentation) in the fridge. If so, how does it affect final proofing? Can I just take dough; shape it, proof if for 3 – 4 hours and bake?

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Keep the dough in the refrigerator during the bulk ferment.  After complete bulk fermentation, take dough from this as you need it for baking.  Let it come to room temperature, preshape it, shape it, proof & bake.  You can take enough for two loaves at a time with whatever interval you need for your baking time.  The exact timing of all this is dependent upon your specific conditions.  Ambient temperature, refrigerator temperature and so on.  As a general guide I would say, mix the dough and cover in your tub.  Leave at room temperature for one hour and the transfer to the refrigerator.  Bulk ferment for 12 hours, or more if necessary,  and then proceed as I previously described.  After you remove dough from the cooler it should be ready to bake in about 4 hours.  Again, the timing is a function of your specific conditions.