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Rustic whole rye bread - more sour more aroma

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Rustic whole rye bread - more sour more aroma

Here a preview of my new bread. It has the exact same ingredients (As to flour, water, salt, spices) as my previous bread (Adrian's rustic whole rye bread with some spelt). But this time I used a different way of fermentation!

The sourdough leaven was 750g at 100% hydration, fermented for 16 hours. Compared to what I later added (390g of flour) it is a lot and the bread should have a stronger taste than last time.

This is how it looked like after 12 hours (4 hours before I used it):

If the crumb and taste is good (I can't wait until tomorrow morning), I'll post what I did in the forum section.



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I'm sure it tastes good, too.


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If it does't taste great then there are no bread gods to appease;-)  Well done and Happy Baking

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That is a big amount of preferment.  I have done a similar bread where I used 100% of the flour in the preferment and it came out okay.  I look forward to hearing how yours tastes and if you are happy with the results. Sure looks great though.


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Using 100% of the total flour in a preferment is a totally different thing. In fact I wouldn't call it "preferment" any more "direct fermentation".
If you won't add any more flour to the final dough, you cannot ferment the "preferment" until the MOs already begin to starve.
With the 49% I used (almost 50% ;p ) this still is possible.

The taste sure was great. Unfortunately we cut it in the morning, when there still was no sun and the artificial light in our kitchen is not very good for taking photos with my cheap camera.

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