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Notification without posting

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Notification without posting


is there a possibility to activate notification (subscribe) for a thread without posting a comment.

I'd need this in two scenarios:

1st: I simply forgot to activate it and sometimes people don't reply directly to my comment but on a more general level (which is good if I ask for a formula e.g.).
My workaround: "Track" still shows the new messages.

2nd: I'm learning from the thread without having much to say myself. I don't want to leave dummy comments just to subscribe.


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Mini Oven

click on the (bookmark this) button right under the first post  

the article will appear under your bookmarks or when when you click on your  "My account"   

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I agree with this post.  There are often posts I am interested in following; because I feel there is something I can learn and want to avoid making something up just to get the followup comments.  That would be much simpler than bookmarking posts of interest.  That would probably be a pretty long list, and I now use bookmarks to help fine items I expect will be worth reviewing in the future.



Tom C