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Onion Bread Supreme

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Onion Bread Supreme

A basic white bread with the addition of onion, garlic, cheese, green chili and bacon. An excellent breakfast bread when serving egg based dishes.


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I love onions...I love cheese....bacon and garlic...oh my!  Great combination and must taste fantastic.


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It smells delicious over the internets. 

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I'm a true novice, but will try this recipe. I must say, though, that I was mightily impressed by the way you had made slits in the crust around the lower edge of the loaf. That really was an ingenious bit of what might be called "baker engineering" to help preserve the top crust more or less intact (sort of like the way pressure relief valves on boilers help keep the deck of a ship more or less intact).

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like a pizza in a bread, just imagining that slice of meatloaf from Ian on your bread and it makes me hungry. I will definitely try to recreate this one as it looks awesome already. would you mind sharing the recipe?