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Wing It Wholewheat Sour

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Wing It Wholewheat Sour

Since I've been building up some new starters this past week I had some active discard to hand so decided to whip up some kind of wholewheat tinned loaf for some nice toast in the mornings.

Came out pretty well, nice texture and gentle malty flavour from the extract together with the rye starter depth.

White Wheat Flour 350g,  Wholewheat Flour 100g, Salt 7g,  Water 270g, Rye Starter 100g, 1 tspn malt extract

Mixed, rested 1hr, (S+F, rest 30min) x 4, shaped and tinned, proofed 2hrs and baked



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Hello Elpanadero:

Your bread looks yummy and I would like to try to make it but I am unclear about your recipe. Could you clarify please?Your rye starter, I only have AP starter which I will try to convert it to Rye starter but what percentage is your rye starter, 100% hydration? 65% hydration or...? Malt Extract? Do you get it at a grocery store or????

Thank you.

Thai chef.


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Yes my starter, whilst I was building it up was kept at 50g to which I fed it 50g each of rye flour and water (1:1:1).

You should be able to seed a new rye starter by taking a small amount of your AP starter and feed it rye flour (or wheat flour if you prefer).  Most people I think would keep one rye starter and one AP starter, others may also keep wheat and spelt starters.

Malt Extract in the UK at least is available from health stores like Holland and Barrett,  see here:

I just threw 1 tspn in for a bit more flavour.  You could of course use malted flour, malted flakes etc to achieve more malty depth but I didn't have any to hand (making a note now to buy some more!).   ATB



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David Esq.

Looks like a bread sandwich loaf which I am sure will make great toast too. 


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Cheers Dave.  It would certainly do just fine for a sandwich and in fact my wifey, who was up and out before me today, made herself a sandwich to take with her and thoroughly enjoyed it.  All I really wanted was something quick and tasty that would fit in the toaster.  This fit the bill nicely.  After a couple of weeks of sourdoughs and Omid's Barbari breads I was ready for something . . simple :-)