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Very Rustic What?

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Very Rustic What?

I started to make two ciabatta yesterday but got distracted part way through the mixing stage. By the time I returned to the kitchen I had forgotten where I was in the process. The dough didn't feel right, it was too stiff, so I added more water. Then it felt too wet so I put it aside and started over.

 Unfortunately, the second batch got too warm during the second rise (distracted again) and it was very much over proofed and difficult to shape. I decided to pop it into the oven sooner than planned. I also baked the first batch just to see what would happen. The results were surprising. Despite my abysmal technique the bread is (was) very tasty according to the family. The crust is crisp, the crumb is soft, moist, and very open. The instant dry yeast must be very forgiving.