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Tartine Style Loaf

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Tartine Style Loaf

My first bash at the "Tartine Style Loaf" from the site.

This is an adapted recipe tweaked for European flour with 70% hydration.  For added depth of flavour I used a rye starter here.  Recipe and method very simple to follow.  No kneading required just a short autolyse and a series of 6 stretch and folds interspaced by 30min intervals.

I confess that when I upturned the banetton to deposit the loaf onto my hot bread stone my heart sank and I pretty much wrote the whole thing off right there.  It eased itself out painfully slowly but thankfully didn't stick at all but nevertheless, "flolloped" onto the stone and immediately spread out into what I could only describe as a 1 inch high pizza !  I figured I had messed up the hydration level somewhere and resigned myself to producing some kind of Tartine flatbread or focaccia that would hopefully still taste good.   What a surprise then to look through the oven door 10mins later and see that it had sprung up brilliantly like a pitta bread !

Both the smell and taste were very pleasing.  It has a good depth of flavour with both malty and nutty elements, a nice chewy texture and a satisfying crusty exterior.  There were one or two crumb holes that were too big, a result  of my failure to thoroughly knock them out during shaping, but that will improve next time around.   Overall, a lovely recipe.


Poolish  -  25g Wheat Flour, 25g WW Flour, 10g starter, 45g water

Dough   -  350g Wheat Flour, 40g WW Flour, 260g water, 6.5g salt



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Your loaf looks good ... I can only imagine how it tastes ...!



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Beautiful looking loaf!  So how did you get that cool star pattern?

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Doddle.  Just snip the dough with the tips of a pair of scissors.

If you aim the scissors directly into the dough you will get sharp points that raise up.  If you aim the scissors more at a tangent you get what I did above.   Lots of effects to be had.  You could cover the whole loaf with snips and make a hedgehog for kids !  Might do that as a mini project.  Cheers for the feedback.

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I'd like to try your recipe. I love the crumb....great job.  CAphyl

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Very nice.

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Lovely! this looks so nice. ELP. If you did everything perfectly, then your seemingly feeble moist dough will spring to life, as you've witnessed.