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Thai curry pie - vegan, and made with a bread dough

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Thai curry pie - vegan, and made with a bread dough

(Wasn't sure just which forum to put this on - so I've plumped for this one.)

As a vegan, I'm well used to thinking out of the box, so, when I found myself thinking about making a pie - one of my very favourite foods! - I thought I'd use the leftover Thai curry I had on the stove as a filling. And, since I've known for many years that anything that can be made with pastry can be made with a bread dough, that's what I used. I make all my pies this way.

It turned out to be absolutely wonderful, and I'd recommend it to anyone who loves Thai cooking - and pies!


dabrownman's picture

pie is its own separate food group and your Vegan Thai Curry Pie is why.  Has to be tasty!   Very well done and

Happy Baking

Breadandwine's picture

pie is its own separate food group 

Love it!

 And happy baking back to you!

Bakingmadtoo's picture

Looks really good to me, I will have to try it. I am veggie, but most meals are vegan. I have wanted to try bread as pastry for a while.

Heath's picture

I've bookmarked this and am very excited to try a pie made with bread dough.  I'm a fellow vegan and have already made one of your recipes (seitan cutlets) with success :)

Breadandwine's picture

Glad to be of service with the seitan cutlets, Heath. You've reminded me I haven't made them for a while - so I shall make them again shortly.

I find that small ones, allowed to simmer in the Thai curry above, are absolutely wonderful - my favourite method ATM!

Cheers, B&W