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SD, YW, ADY Tangzhong 100% WW sesame Loaf

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SD, YW, ADY Tangzhong 100% WW sesame Loaf

Lately I have been seeing many post on Tangzhong in softening the crumb n giving it a better spring. I decided to have a go my self. I have slightly modified the formulae from our TFLer Janet. 

 Build 1YW LevainBuild 2RouxSoakerFinal DoughTotal
White Starter (100%)20     20
Wholewheat Starter      0
Rye Starter      0
Yeast Water Levain (100%)      0
Flour      0
Extra-High Protein Flour (>14%)      0
Bread Flour      0
AP Flour      0
Wholemeal Flour      0
Wholewheat Flour  5015030770 1000
Water      0
Milk   150425 575
Dark Ale      0
Yeast Water 50100   150
Others      0
Yeast     22
Salt    81523
Honey     100100
olive oil     4040
Malt     1010
Egg     100100
ADD-IN      0
Sesame     135135
sesame oil     1414

First I refreshed my starter and built the YW levain the night before I planned to bake. I then combine the starter, YW levain and Built 3 into a levain for this dough.

In the morning I pre-soaked the wholewheat flour with a pinch of salt n sit for 12 hours while im at work.

Mixed the levain, soaker, and all of the add-ins to form a dough. Let it rest for 30 mins.

During the 5 hours fermentation I did 6 S&F, as the gluten in WW flour isnt very strong.

A Pic when its shaped n ready for basket n loaf pan

8 Hours Retardation and 2.5 hours warming up on the bench. 

Looks like its ready for the oven. When I put it in the dutch oven i dropped it so part of the loaf is squashed. 

I baked it at 240 covered for 25min uncovered for 25min.

Crumb shot from the boule and loaf

Crumb is soft with strong taste of Sesame n a hint of sweetness from honey. this makes a really good healthy sandwich bread. Next time Im gonna cut down on water and do more intensive kneading to see if the crumb can be shredibly soft 


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There is no water (except Yeast Water)  to cut back on - but you could cut back on the milk but I don't know if I would when the bread is this good.  Just perfect - has to be great for sandwiches.  Well done!

Happy baking

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Thank you so much for the encouragement! I'm gonna have a go at it this weekend

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awesome again. Being a fan of your scoring I saw your nice fermentation baskets and decided that on my next trip to Europe I must buy myself some of those...

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thank you so much, your comment makes me blush as im so ashamed of my poor scoring.

I actually got them in Hong Kong, they are pretty cheap here.

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in HK did you get them if I might ask? I never found any over there, maybe I looked in the wrong places? Is it in Yau Ma Tei on the kitchen equipment market?

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Hi foodzeit

U can find them in one of those shops, but I can't recall the name at the moment. I will write down the name n address for u next time.

If u looking for those basket a got two to giveaway. Let me know if u will be interested.


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I just try and venture out to Shanghai street and see if I can find them there. if not, I will get back to you for the extra basket :) Thanks a lot for your help

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Good job on the sesami wholewheat, Ceci, it looks fabulous!

Yes, i'd use slighly more water and knead more, as you said.


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Beautiful looking loaves Ceci.


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Thanks Ian and Khalid 

my second attempt is coming out in a min can't wait to cut it up.