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28 Boules

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28 Boules

This weekend's bake for the farmer's market. Final output: 28 sourdough boules (8 whole wheat, 16 rye with caraway seeds, and 4 rye without seeds). It took 13 hours, baking only 4 at a time. Crazy, but fun! What do you think, black and white or color? Have a great week of baking everyone! - Joel







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Mini Oven

I prefer color.   Though the B&W looks nostalgic!

Beautiful loaves!

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Ha, thanks, Mini!

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I really like the shallow depth of field black and whites, too - but in a more artsy (or design/ interior blog) kind of way. 

Colour makes them look delicious and edible:-)


But; it's an impressive array of breads! Well baked:-)



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Thanks, Sig! Yeah, you could be right... color for eating, B & W for hanging on the wall.

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I'm rather fond of Sepia for a different look on my  photos, but those loaves would look good in any medium.

Kudos on your bake, outstanding!


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Thanks, Nino! I'll have to try sepia...

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baking 4 loaves at a time?  40 at a would still be tough to make living - if you aren't Chad Robertson selling similar loaves for $10 a pop:-)   Well done and happy baking Joel 

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Thanks! I wish I was getting $10! It's definitely a slightly mad enterprise... but fun.

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B&W and color have their unique strengths, so employ whichever conveys the image most effectively.  That said, I like primarily color with a bit of B&W for the sake of contrast.


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Thanks, Paul. Of course, you're right... something about these shots, that night, just spoke to me in black and white. Could be color next time...  

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Beautiful loaves.  I like both the color and b&w.

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I prefer color pics it has more drooling effect