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The Perils of baking after happy hour....

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The Perils of baking after happy hour....

in your local bar.

Sourdough, proved for 12 hours yesterday. It was always my intention to bake it yesterday evening but I hadn't counted on shaping and final prove after a brief libation or two...

Loaf came out fine with a good spring but not the best shaped one i've ever done!

I'm happy with the reasonably open crumb as well

It made lovely toast for my breakfast, there would have been a photo of that but was too busy eating it!

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Libations, cheese, meat and this bread sound pretty good to me.  Might have to much of all of them though!

Happy baking

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influenced the scoring, hehe

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I promise it was straight when I started Anna! Still tasting good though, made great toast for breakfast today. Knocked out another one for a friend last night which looked a lot better but forgot to photograph it before he collected it!